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ok, makes sense. thanks! just have to remember to mix it a little more then.
sorry, should have included that it is buttercream icing just colored brown.
ok, guess you cant see it in that pic....  
Can anyone tell me why parts of my icing would change color? I used the same icing for it all but it didn't stay the same! its worst on the top tier. The cake was iced the day before the wedding so i would have thought that all of it would have dried. Thanks!    
sure. 4c hi ratio shortening creamed with flavoring and 1/4 cup hot water (mixed with powdered creamer). added powdered sugar beating on 2 with my KA. powdered sugar was added slowly. got about 2- 2 1/2 c of sugar in before it was too thick to mix on speed 2 so turned up to 3. added more hot water then more sugar. still too thick so added more hot water again. by this time it already looked grainy.
yes, I use hi ratio. I also wanted to say that I ended up like tripling the liquids and it was still REALLY thick. would it do this if I beat it too long?
So I just tried making sugarshacks buttercream icing for the first time and it turned out looking grainy and definitely NOT creamy! does anyone know why this happened? and also, does anyone know another icing that is creamy and smooth without the airbubbles?  Thanks!!!
Hi all! so I have a wedding cake to do in October. The bride is planning on about 250 guests and wants a three tier cake with about 130 cupcakes. she wants it set up something like this... but with the 3 tiers on top. is that possible? and if so could you give me some clue as to how big of a cupcake stand I would need to get to fit the 130 cupcakes and the tiered cake? Would I need a certain type of stand? Thanks so much! any info on this is greatly appreciated!! She...
Thanks!! thats a good idea! Any others???
I have a customer that would like two different state flags wrapped around two tiers of a three tier cake. could you please give me any ideas on how to accomplish this? I thought about asking a friend if she could print out the flags on edible sheets but how would i get it long enough to wrap around the cakes? Any advice would be wonderful!! thanks!!
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