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I would freeze it - helps the texture of the finished cake. :)   Liz
Those are great!  And I love your color choices. :) Liz
I made a laminated 1.5" circle template that I put under the parchment.  Because I do that, I can't stick my parchment down to the pan.  I find that when I slide my pan onto the speed rack to dry, or into the oven, sometimes the parchment slides into the side of the pan, and that is when I get some ovals along the edge.  Maybe after removing your template, you could lift each corner and glue it down to keep the sliding to a minimum.   Also, I use the cheaper quillon...
First, you may be underpricing your cakes if your friends can regularly mark them up and make a commission or finders fee.  Check out the numerous pricing threads here for more information.   I am assuming the cost of living in California is higher than where I live, so be prepared to save at least $50,000 to $100,000 to get started.  You need to assemble some figures: possible rents, how much all the equipment would cost, build out costs, inspection and licensing fees,...
Yes, it is Platinum paste!  Some people seem to love it - they say you can roll it paper thin, and it isn't as fragile as regular gumpaste.  I wanted to order some, but couldn't remember what it was called.  Thank you for jogging my memory! Liz
I would speak to an accountant - they often have clients looking to buy businesses, and maybe they could at least refer you in the right direction.  Also, you could place an ad in an industry publication in the classifieds - that would target those interested in baking.   Good luck to you!   Liz
Oh they look beautiful!   Liz
First, get a handle on all the inquiries by funneling them through an online form - prospective customers must do this to hear back from you.  That will eliminate the time drag and the stress from the constant inquiries.  You can do the bidding on your schedule, instead of on demand.   Second, raise your prices.  If you are overwhelmed, you probably aren't charging enough.  This will let you work less, for more money.   Good luck!   Liz
 $16/dozen for advance ordered cupcakes?  I'd sure love to know what quality level those are.  I am guessing they are operating on volume, and they have the additional revenue stream from ice cream and the parties, so that helps cover the costs of the cupcakes. It sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row, which is great.  Just figure out your costs, your labor, overhead and profit, and then make sure you aren't leaving any money on the table.  If the market will...
Rachel - I wait until my ganache or frosting has set up before adding sea salt.  Or you can add it just before serving.  You really can't help if they keep it over to the next day and the salt has dissolved.   Liz
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