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I'm not really a fan of using the word Rogue, for two main reasons: everyone will ask why that is the name, and you'll have to launch in to a tangential explanation that it is not really related to cake.  Seems like a hassle to me - might get old fast.   Second reason - if you read it really quick, you might see Rouge instead of Rogue.  May miss some customers who aren't getting it right.  You need to make it EASY for people to find you. :)   Just my two cents.   Liz
I second Dayti's suggestion of Demystifying Macarons by Helene Dujardin.  I use her recipe exclusively, and I made 700 this week, so I promise her method works!   The hardest part is figuring out your oven temp/time/fan speed.  I'm currently at 275 degrees on high convection for 12 or 13 minutes (Bakers Pride oven).  Nicely cooked with no discoloration.   Good luck!   Liz
If any of you are fans of the show "The Profit" on CNBC, you'll be interested to know that Marcus Lamonis just stepped in to provide financing for Crumbs, paying their payroll and bankruptcy filing expenses.  He will look at the profitability of each store, look at expanding the product line to other sweets, etc.  I am guessing it will be a featured company on his show this fall or winter.   If you haven't watched the show, it really emphasizes the basics of business in...
Quote: Yes.  K8 has it correct. Business or accounting classes might be warranted if you aren't familiar with how to figure the profit margin on a business you are involved in.  Liz
Here it is. Liz
I make a lot of cookies for funerals.  I often make a square sugar cookie with a muted pastel glaze and a little mint in the shape of a dove on top.  I'll try to post a photo from my phone.  They are a very popular item for me.   Liz
 Bingo.  Your hourly labor charges, packaging and overhead should add up to the lions share of the cost of a cake.  Like costumeczar, my food costs run between 15 and 20 percent.  But I don't make wedding cakes - just smalls (bars/cookies/etc.).  But the costing process is the same.  Doesn't matter if you are selling a $2 cookie or a $2000 cake - the basics are the same. Liz
If you are baking as a profession (read: for money) you need to get a LOT more familiar with the ingredients you are using. Butter and margarine are as different as night and day, and react differently in recipes. Liz
I continue to find it amusing that these threads get started on the forum of the very company in question.  They are so quick to delete threads about all kinds of other inane b.s, but will let the tales of their lack of ethics go on and on.  I guess when it is true, there isn't much they can do to defend their position.   Liz
That is probably what they told their spouse the cake cost . . . maybe the rest will be paid in cash in a few days. Liz
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