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I have several cake orders and would like to get some of the decorative preps made.  How far ahead can I make these and store them in an airtight container? They are just daisies. I make my own modeling chocolate Thanks
And what about the filled layers? I thought toseooked worse than the cake under the crumb coat . Thanks.
How to solve this?  Problem #1- Hot pink frosting for pink zebra cake , in buttercream- bled into cake when. Had to add a decent amount of dark pink gel to get the color, with fear that this could happen or pink tongues.  Not sure if it was smeared into cake with slicing or bled, but I assume bled.  #2- I had similar issue with my preserves filling, so I started putting a thin layer of BC underneath it with each layer.  Solved the problem until the BC was hot pink...
My mind is spinning- this is such a great help.  Yes, roses on the top, too.  Thank you so much! I appreciate your time to share this with me.
I have been asked to make a 12" round Rose Swirl Cake- 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling, as one of the optional designs.  I have never done a 12" cake before. I have done rose swirl cakes, it takes a lot of frosting! Can anyone help me figure out just how much frosting would be needed so that I can figure out a price? Details: 12" round,  2 of the 3 layers will have frosting in the filling. I hope you can help!
Wow. Thank you very much!
Done! It said 2 more and It now says ZERO!
I need to make fuschia fondant and haven't purchased my fondant for this project yet.  Any suggestions to get the proper shade?  Do I start with white and add red or pink fondant, then color or white fondant and add my Americolor fuchsia, (which I have plus others). OR start with pink fondant and take it from there?   Thank you very much.
A friend in another country wants to make her modeling chocolate but they do not have corn syrup there.Can she use honey? Any other ideas for a substitute? 
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