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I had one a couple days ago. She contacted me on Facebook and asked if I could do a cake for the 21st (a little over a week away) I told her that I could fit something in and asked what she wanted. She said that she saw the cake in my gallery that was shaped like Mario busting through bricks and the 24 cupcakes surrounding it with little fondant Mario icons (gumba, mushroom, turtle shell, etc.) and asked how much I would charge. I'm already wincing because that is a lot of...
I just painted and lacquered some dowels, drilled 3 holes on each and used embroidery floss for the rope. Not edible, but it got the job done and the polyurethane made it food safe.
Where are you located? And how much are you charging per cupcake? Since a cupcake is a quick and easy treat, it would be more appealing in a fair setting provided it isn't too hot. If you make 500, you are estimating that 10% of the low end of you 5, 000-10, 000 people will buy a cupcake. Does that sound like what you are trying for sales wise? You should probably also look at it from the point of how much money you would like to make from this too, or if it's just a fun...
Well, since it is spanning several days, do you have the ability to make more if you run out? The first day there will probably give you a good idea of what kind of demand to expect for the duration.
I had a customer come in to the store bakery today (Sunday) and say they needed a white cake with buttercream icing. I proceeded to show him what we had in the case, and he said, "You can't make me a fresh cake right now? I'm supposed to be at the party in an hour." I was so tempted to say "Sure, you want fries with that?" I know we are a store bakery and all, but it's NOT a drive thru...sheesh!
As someone else said, it depends a lot on the demographics. I would definitely go with cupcakes/ single serve pastries for the day to day sales but, the way I see it, if they can spend $300 on a pair of stilettos at Dillards and such, they can afford a custom cake too. Definately research the clientele and the average income in the area. Good luck.
For the pink, I would use a basic pink food coloring which usually yields a bright pink. Maybe even add just a small amount of yellow to kick it up. I would avoid the red or purple in it because it will dull out the color and that pink looks pretty bright. As for the purple, if I am not mistaken, the violet is more of a bluish purple. I would mix it with pink instead of red and then go with just a bit of black to get the deeper shade. These are just my guesses and I am...
Ah...that's fantastic. Thanks!
It sounds like a structural issue as far as weight and crushing the cake. Maybe use plastic or pvc dowels and covered wood boards to support the weight...and a little dab of buttercream on the back of your flowers should secure them just fine as long as they can settle on the cake/board below it.
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