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Does anyone know of a good tutorial or could describe how to do mosaic technique on buttercream... I woulr really appreciate the help
I am making a wrestler bust for my sons birthday.  I bought a wig head and want to cover it with RCT and Modeling chocolate to mold and paint the head.  When I tried to cover the head with RTC I got them to stick to the top of the head but they kept falling from the chin.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make them structural enough to carve?
Yeah I handmade the letters...  and I also grossly under charged for the cake :)
Hello Everyone!  I recently made my first wedding cake and I am wondering if someone could give me some insight on pricing.  This cake is a 14", 10" and 6" with gum paste flowers, I delivered it to the reception location and set the the cake.  What should I have charged for it?  
That's a great idea...  Thanks :)
Hi Everyone.  I am very new to the cake making world, I started making custom cakes in August of last year.  I discovered that I loved it and have decided that I would like to start a side business.  I put up a page on facebook but can't seem to penetrate the local market.  Can anyone make some suggestions on things that they did when they were trying to start their business?  Thanks so much :)
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