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Cat, sorry about the cancelled order but I'm glad you got to keep the payments. Norasmom, love the fountain cake topper. Great job! Tdove, I really like your starburst clean and elegant.   I made this cake after a month's hiatus. I made this for a friend's daughter who turned one today. She wanted to do a hearts theme to celebrate her daughter overcoming heart surgery at a young age of 3.5 months. My friend didn't want it to be Valentine-y, so she went with...
Cat, your cake is adorable! Cazza, love, love, love your cake! I made this cake as a last minute favor for a friend. She's having her son's christening today and she needed a cake to serve 15-20 people done in blue buttercream. This is my first ruffle cake. Overall, it was a fun cake to do!    
Cat, congratulations!   Love everyone's cakes this week! Tdove, great job on the cookies. Here's my project for this weekend; just finished it tonight for tomorrow. It's a christening cake for a friend's son.    
Here's a cake I made last week for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday. It's chocolate cake with chocolate filling.    
I've been MIA but now I'm back. I took a short break due to feeling sick all the time and being very tired (1st trimester sucks!). Anyways, I made this Pokemon cake for my best friend, whose son is having his 7th birthday party today. This is my first attempt at airbrushing. It's chocolate cake with creme brulee buttercream filling.    
Ally and Tdove, thank you! Her whole party was actually inspired by this carnival/circus cake that I saw online. When I saw that pic, I had to make that cake lol!
Elcee, BakingMeCrazy, Cazza, Chellescakes...Thank you! It was definitely a fun project!  
What a beautiful cake!
Hi everyone! I actually got done with my cake early (before midnight) but I'm up late cleaning the house and prepping for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow. I made her a carnival themed cake. Bottom tierr is a dummy; middle tier is WASC with raspberry filling and top is chocolate cake with chocolate SMBC filling.    
Not working on a cake tonight. But I did make pull-apart cupcakes for a high school track team this week.    
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