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I totally understand the person at hungry happenings.  I now have a cake room and my kitchen has also overtaken all the cupboards in the bar (Wine racks make excellent cake tin storage), all the cupboards in the dining room, all the cupboards in the family room and I have had to buy a couple of pantry cupboards for in the garage.  And hubby has the gall to say that I won't fit into the unit that we bought cos I want to downsize!
Not likely, none of my cakes are in there.  They are about as rare as this book is.
Then if your cake is in the book you can buy JWinslow's copy.  I hear she is putting it up on ebay, as a RARE collectors item, only slightly used after looking up your cake.  Goes to the highest bidder.
I recently cleaned(?) up my stash.  I put everything into clear plastic containers.  My favorite ones are 12x12x1.5inches.  They stack on top of one another and you can see everything (well nearly) that's in them.
Have a fun time Kat.  I am working on a mega project for my birthday next week.  Have been procrastinating, so now am down to having to do it last minute, without a lot of time and without wanting to compromise my ideas.  Am guessing that some elements, like birds, will have to give.  Have a cobblestoned area with two garden boxes and a bird house.  One box has hydrangers, one will have tulips and the birdhouse will have ivy draping over it.  Had thought to add birds and...
The pictures were of the tree that you showed above.  You said you were making a whole tree farm.  I must admit I was hoping you would assemble them all, just for the hell of it, so we could see a picture of them all.   I keep thinking about gingerbread but never get around to it.  I really MUST add it to my to do list.
Hey K8, I'm still waiting to see the promised photos from Christmas.  I do love looking at the pics on gingerbread exchange while I'm waiting.
Hi Nikki, Welcome.  I'm still a work in progress 28 years later.  There is always something new to learn.
I think it is much harder covering a dummy with fondant than an actual cake.
Ha, we are showing our age.  I got to have the afternoon off school, so that I could go home and watch it on the T.V.   SOOOOO exciting.  My Dad announced a few weeks later that he could see the moon buggy and pointed it out to us.  None of us wanted to admit that we couldn't see it so we all said that we could.  No wonder the moon buggy always gave him a few laughs and he pointed it out every time there was a full moon.   Cat I learned the wax paper transfer method from...
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