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Thank you Memphis! What a nice thing to say!!! I found that if I let them dry on their own for about an hour and then hit them with my hair drier for about 5 minutes, they'd come flying out if the mold! Trouble is, I lost some on the kitchen floor!!! HaHa!!! Not sure the look was worth the effort...
That looks like a stencil with royal icing to me...
Just like black, it's best to let it rest overnight to darken on it's own.
Yup I posted the exact same thing on post #6
Thank you for replying Memphis! Sucks...I guess I'll be putting these together last minute! If the wings touch the buttercream will that ruin them???
No one knows????
Does anyone know how these will hold up in the fridge? They are going to be on cupcakes, and I'm just not sure what the humidity will do to the wings, and I can't seem to find anything on the net about it....After spending so much time on them, I'd be destroyed if something happened to them!!   Thanks in advance!
Reason, as I stated it my I original post, I use rubber cement for the styrofoam, then cake board, then to the turn table.
Like I said, if it pisses you off, pass it by! WTF is so hard to understand about that? You have newbies who come on here and see stuff like this who may have a legitiment question, and now won't ask because of fear of being attacked! Even though this thread is 3 years old, I'm glad I commented... It's clear some of you think this behavior is fine... I don't.
Yes you use crisco in place of the buttercream
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