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Cool, thanks!
Thanks, that's a thought. The high yield recipe I'm using doesn't cream the butter with the sugar first. In class she said she does that because creaming the butter and sugar first takes too much time. that doesn't matter too much to me as long as the cake turns out well. Maybe I'll try it one more time doing it the traditional way and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, are there any high yield yellow cake scratch recipes you can recommend? And I'll also get my...
Thanks for your help. The mixture looked beautiful and smooth, it didn't look curdled I whisked the eggs well then whisked them in with the buttermilk and vanilla. Then added to the batter in four stages.
It's the Toba Garrett High Yield recipe. When we used it in her class it worked fine. But the cakes did go in a deck oven. She does recommend using Softasilk flour, which I didn't use. I used Swans Down. Since The site says too soft a flour, can that be my problem?
I'm using a 3" pan but trying to get a 2" cake. I've baked up to 10" cakes in my convection with no problems. Actually, the convection turned out better than the gas oven. What I'm calling sad streaks are the horizontal lines towards the bottom of the cake.
This is the second time I've baked a 12" cake in my small apartment sized oven. I do a lot of baking and have never experienced this until now that im using a larger pan. The first time I had sad streaks throughout the cake and it also did not rise sufficiently. After reading all the threads I could find, I figured it was because I didn't have my eggs at room temperature (I know stupid, but I've gotten away with it with other recipes.. Also my brand new kitchen aid was...
I would say airbrush if. Here's a link for the color you can use,
I like this tutorial.
You might be able to find it here.   if this link doesn't work, just go to
I agree with SugarSweetCakeCo. I attended a Toba Garrett class and asked her about this. She said if you're going to use fresh flowers you have to make sure they are organic and non-poisonous. If she were to judge a cake competition and saw a poisonous flower, she would automatically disqualify that cake. She also said that you should never stick anything into a cake. So I would do like Annabakescakes said, stick it into a blob of icing or fondant.
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