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I would bake and freeze without the icing. Just wrap in plastic wrap while cake is still warm. Put it in the fridge Friday night to thaw then on the counter for about an hour before you decorate on Saturday. I just tried it myself, was a little nervous about it and it worked out beautifully, no sweating. The cake was moist and delicious.
I mix 1 lb of Fondant with one teaspoon of Tylose powder and let it rest overnight wrapped well in plastic wrap and in a sealed container. I've used Wilton GumTex as well but the I find the Tylose works a lot better and I can store leftovers for a long period of time without it hardening. If you find Tylose CMC you don't have to let it rest, you can use it right away.
Thank you very much for the recipe and extra info. Before adding all the powdered sugar my mixer began to smoke and stopped working. It's working fine now, but does that mean I added too much sugar? It's winter and the air is really dry so maybe it didn't need the full amount of sugar? I finished kneading by hand and it seemed fine but when I went to use it it seemed both sticky and dry. I played with it adding powdered sugar and glycerin but I don't think I ever got...
I use lollipop sticks. I've only made small three tier cakes, but my instructor said she has stacked up to 7 tiers using them. She transports in groups of 2-3 tiers and finishes stacking on site. I wouldn't use them for a wet cake like a tres leches.
I read somewhere that using bleached instead of unbleached flour helps.
Make sure you start at the back of the cake.
I meant Occasionally
I've taken three Toba Garrett classes and have learned a lot. In one of my classes there was a woman who took a class at the French Culinary Institute. She said she didn't learn nearly as much as she did with Chef Garrett. If you sign up for their email, they ocasio lay send you discount coupons,
 Got it, thanks!
That's pretty cool.  Just wondering...does sifting serve another purpose besided properly measuring flour?  Is it just the same to weigh the flour so as to not have to sift?
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