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sixinarow wow, they're really inspirational! I hope that mine is going to look like the one on the bottom right. Which fondant did you use? I'm in the uk so only limited choice! Have been using satin ice in the gumpaste but wilton in fondant which I didn't like working with, may try using satin ice in the fondant though. Also did you start from the top down?
Thank you, I hadn't thought of this. So would you advise on not even mixing tylose power with regular fondant, surely it would be quite tricky to wrap the ruffle strip around the cake?
I thought gumpaste would be better as I'll be rolling it out very thin? Or maybe, would you suggest tylose powder mixed with ivory fondant?
I will be doing my first wedding cake this year. The bride-to-be wants it ivory in colour. I'm doing ruffles around each tier in gumpaste and I'm wondering what the best method would be to colour it ivory? I have heard of  tiniting the white gumpaste, in ivory edible dust, which I think sounds like a good as I'm not too keen on kneading the gumpaste too much, however if that's a better method I can do that. Is it possible to buy gumpaste already in the ivory...
I'll have a look thank you.
That's what I'm asking really, I should really inc the cost of my labour per slice if it's on top of the ingredients. Just wondering if anybody else does this way of costing. I'm more expensive in my area but around the same margin. 
For the costing of a wedding cake ( I hope this makes sense) I've included the cost of 2 tier cakes, extras such as boards, dowels and flower decoration. However I haven't inc my labour, I have instead, added my basic cost per slice to the already cost of ingredients and extras. This all comes to over £300 for a two tier cake. Does this sound fair that I've added the cost per slice, I added £1 to my basic slice costing as the one is ganache.   Thank you
May be a silly question but as I've never stacked a cake, I'm unsure if I still need to use dowels if I'm stacking a two tier cake covered in ganache. If I do, do I put the dowels in before I ganache the first tier or put them in after the ganache has set? Sorry if this sounds so stupid :-)  
Thank you for the replies :) I think I may go with the coffee extract. Do I just heat the cream up as usual, add coffee extract before pouring over the chocolate?
I'm intending to use the ganache under fondant, has anybody tried coffee ganache? If so would they care to share the recipe :) Thank you x
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