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Does her edited version actually have any changed to it or just that the typos have been fixed? I've got her original changes (and variations) that she adapted off from a cake central recipe ages ago and it's pretty good.
Did it turn out the second time? I've made this cake twice and both times it was so dense, flat and heavy. I would love to see a pic of what it is supposed to look like. I have heard from a lot of ppl here that it is a finicky recipe.
Wow thats cute! That would be over 20 hours of work for
I love this thread! I made this cake this week. I qouted 10 hours worth of work. But due to heat and lack of experience it took way over! Btw I can't find your photo.
That's what I thought!
Anyone??? By the way this is a pic of the cake
Hi I made this last night. I love the velvety soft texture of this cake. I'm just wondering does the flavour improve over time and does the bitter flavour of the cocoa mellow?
Was this food grade glycerine? Because there is a difference. I believe the pharmaceutical grade glycerine to be more bitter and not intended to be used in food.
I've only had the opportunity to try it once for cupcakes. They seemed to stay moist. I need to experiment with this a bit more. Try the recipe with and without glycerine to notice if there is any difference. I wouldn't use this for my chocolate cake as it is already very moist
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