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When you work out your cost and you get an idea of how long it will take (or should take) you will feel more confident charging what you do. Now when I give a quote I tell them, "This cake will cost about $...... in materials and ingredients and it should take me about many hours to make. I think educating them is the key! I used to be one of those people that thought "They charged HOW MUCH for that cake!!!! What a rip off!!" Now that I know what it takes I don't...
I'm trying this today as cupcakes. Do you girls add the extra baking powder? Does it improve the cake?
I haven't made a sponge for ages so I don't have a favourite. Too bisy trying to find a perfect vanilla cake that will stay fresh more than a day.
We have a few variations of the recipe, some recipes we beat the whole eggs and caster sugar together, but again hardly any butter or flour. We often use cornfour too.
In Australia our sponges are different. We use very little butter and usually Whip the whites first then add the yolks and fold in the other ingredients. This recipe threw me off a little I always thought sponges were made this way.
How soft and tender is the cake? Is it moist?
If anyone tries Maises cake could they post the results?
A lot of people here use the wilton chart. If your cakes are 4 inches high the serves will be adequate.
A lot of us here use the wilton chart. If your cakes are 4 inches high then the serves will be quite sufficient.
That would be great. In Australia I believe our cake flour is processed differently and I don't think it's bleached, not the brand I use anyway so resulting it a slightly higher gluten content. I usually try and sift into the cup (if required) and take into account that in U.S your cups are slightly smaller than ours. I found a conversion chart here on c.c and used it to make the scott woolley chocolate fudge cake and it turned out perfect!!! After 2-3 days it tastes...
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