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Wrap the smb well when you freeze it or it can get freeza taste.
Sounds interesting
AnniCahill is the 'Warren Brown Yellow cake' still your 'go to'?...I'm still messing around with variations. .As we can't get half and half in Australia I've tried half cream and half milk but think less cream (and more milk) might be the way to go
I think I'll stick with the Epicurious cake for cupcakes though. But for cake it was always missing something for me.
To a c.c regular. ..Yes. To a newbie maybe
I have tried Hershey's, Epicurious double layer cake and liked them. But then tried the Scott Clark Woolley chocolate fudge cake it is so much better. Especially after 2-3 days it is at its best. It's not a fudge or brownie texture as some claim. Yummy!
I think you need to point out to her that you're being sarcastic! 😊
The Sylvia Weinstock yellow cake.
Tell her No! Not enough notice! This one will just put you in a bad mood!
Another thing I would consider is, if your cakes are only 2 inches high you'll get less serves. I use the Wilton chart, but then my cakes are 4 inches high. A 2 inch high cake isn't going to give a very big serve (unless it's fruit cake).
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