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Hi, Sorry I think I started the brother trend. I just saw sister-in-law and my mind filled in the blanks! Good luck with your cake.
I say get them hooked on high quality custom cakes to show them what they've been missing all these years. Most people who are used to grocery store cake just never realized how good a homemade cake is. Plus, your brother wants one of your cakes. So you should give them the product you are proud to make. Also, you don't want people to think you use boxed mix and cheap decorations. Just choose the recipe and design that is cheapest and easiest for you. 
Hi, I'm experienced with cake decorating, but new to Virginia. I'm from Illinois and used to working with Carma Massa fondant and use SMBC to fill and crumb coat my cakes. I recently moved to Virginia and started a cake business here. I am using Satin Ice fondant now too, since Carma is so hard to get here. Last week was my first experience with a lot of heat and humidity and I encountered some issues. I always refrigerate my cakes overnight after stacking and crumb...
Thanks! That is very good advice about the sheetpan. I will be sure to test that!
I am in the process of starting a home based cake business and I am looking to buy a refrigerator for cake and cake ingredient storage only. I used to work at a bakery that used True brand and we always had problems with them breaking, and also they seemed pretty humid. I have heard that commercial fridges are higher humidity. Does anyone have experience with that? Do you like your fridge brand and have one to recommend? Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks Spc,I am familiar with Sysco and used them in Chicago, although they weren't able to get us special ingredients in Chicago, so thank you for letting me know about that. Unfortunately my volume will probably not be great enough to meet their minimums. It is a home business and I'm probably only going to be making a couple cakes a week.I haven't had much luck on google finding wholesale baking product providers, which is why I'm trying the forum. Most places the...
Hi, I'm new to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I moved here from Chicago so I know suppliers there but I don't have resources here yet. I know there are some of you in this area on the forum from other topics. Can anyone recommend suppliers that might have specialty food items like fondant, fresh fruit compounds, baking nut compounds, etc. I've used Hero and Amoretti products in the past and I'm looking for those or anything similar. Any help would be greatly...
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