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Or use chocolate clay which is great for holding it's shape and you can adjust it easily once it is on the cake too.
I would just explain that it is your policy to not have cake picked up directly from your home as it interferes with the family life.  Then give her a time, asking if it will work for her, if she doesn't respond you assume that time is satisfactory.  If she does not show then the cake can be donated with the deposit not refunded.  This would be a good reason for her to give you her phone number so if she is running late you can contact her.  It would probably be best not...
Also, I saw here on cc where someone put up a couple of hooks above a doorway and they hang their agbay on that.  It was a great idea so I did the same.  Really keeps it handy but out of the way at the same time.
I love my agbay too.  I don't always use it because it is bulky so for smaller cakes I will use a knife, but it is one of my favorite tools (I'm just a hobby baker by the way).  I purchased the double blade but also haven't used both at the same time yet.  You can start the with the single and you can always purchase the extra blade later if you want, but if you will be torting a lot of cakes I would just purchase the deluxe straight away.
Thank you for sharing this.  I can't draw for anything and 3 of my 5 sisters are artists!  Looks like I am going to have to try it.
I have never used candy melts in those silicone molds (most of my molds are metal) but it should work.  I would put in the fridge to set up, then it should pop easily.  If you want them to be soft so they can wrap around a curve, you might want to use candy clay instead, then you would just prepare it as you would fondant.
Very interested, would love to see pictures!
Use a wet towel and hold it on the underside of the rollers while on low speed.  Very important to only hold the towel on the underside or you will end up with a towel stuck in your pasta roller!
I have that one and am happy with it.  I haven't used it too much recently but it is easy to use and I like the crank handle a lot. 
Wearing cotton gloves helps a lot (like what you would wear to keep finger prints off of chocolate).  If you haven't worked with it before I would recommend that you try a small cake in silver leaf first, it will be about half the cost.
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