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I would take a single cake (or stacked depending on the height you want), put a small size cake board on top and cut the cake from the top board to the bottom board giving you that slant.  After doing the same with a second cake, flip one over to put on the top of the other.   There is also a good craftsy class for wedding cake designs that does a corset shape. 
Thanks, I'll check out my Wilton books and compare to what I use.
Thank you for your reply.  I'm glad to see I am not alone in thinking they result in thicker fondant than I would like to have.
I love the mat and recently just noticed it lists the weight of fondant to use for different size cakes (I know, not very observant, have been using it for a long time),  I decided to follow it on my last 6 inch cake; calls for 1lb 14oz.  That's more than I usually use.  I thought it was too thick.  Anyone else follow the weights and what do you think?  I may need to try it on a larger cake.
Love the wing tips.  I know this is old but if you are out there...great tutorial!  thanks
What a great idea yortma, I'm stealing your way of storage. Mine is on a shelving unit in the basement and I'm always worried about it getting pushed off. Thanks!
It is worth every yourself a favor and just order it.  You won't be sorry that you did.  Just be is really sharp!
  Then I suggest you make your grandkids blue velvet cake, they will love the kelly green!  Who knew cake could be so much fun.
I like the Guittard as well.  I found that if I order a 25lb bag (of vanilla apeels) from Bakers C&C that even with the shipping it costs me about $3.30/lb.  A 25lb bag fits perfectly in one of those larger plastic storage containers that you can get in the scrapbooking section at Michaels or JoAnnes.  Love the taste of Guittards.
I have a couple, not so much a joke but funny 'thank you' cakes.   1) several gum paste sheep in various drunken states (some passed out, some slumped over a chair) with little bottles laying around.  The caption would read...'Many, Many Tanked Ewes'   2) several gum paste donkeys in a row, holding hands.  The caption would read...'Thank you, or as they say in Germany...Donkey Chain'   You could also do a cake that has mickey mouse and donald duck on it.  The caption...
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