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^^Thank you again for all this fabulous info .
Thank you!
I find that the mini cupcake liners found at the store are way too small. I know there is another, bigger size type mini liners...what are they called? Will they fit in regular mini cupcake pans? Thank you all so much!
I halved the recipe & subbed 2TBS of flour for cocoa. The flavor was identical to sprinkles which has the best RV and it was super moist. People went crazy over it even the RV haters. However, it was super crumbly & stuck to the sides of the wrapper...a problem I also have with Hershey's perfect chocolate cake as cupcakes. No one said anything tho...just compliments & to keep the recipe. Here's a pic & I made them with Wilton's king size muffin pan(awesome pan).
Thank you all for the help & suggestions. I am going to test out a few & give to some red velvet fanatics for their opinions. Will let you know how it turns out .
This is also very helpful Stitches, thanks. I think I will try replacing some of the flour with cocoa powder.
Thank you! How much extra do you use? Bc too much cocoa & it tastes like chocolate cake. It's hard for me to get the flavor right.
I want to increase the cocoa powder in red velvet, but should I increase the baking soda & buttermilk too? How much? I have increased cocoa powder in the past from 1 teaspoon to about a tablespoon but it wasn't as fluffy as usual. 3 tablespoons of cocoa would probably taste even better. Thank you.
I gave chocolate cupcakes with nutella frosting as a teacher appreciation gift. Everything was perfect last night...cake & frosting were super flavorful. When I taste the frosting this morning on cupcakes that sat out on a plate, it only tasted like sign of nutella. The cupcakes for the teacher were tightly packed in cupcake container. We already told her it was nutella frosting & am very embarrassed it lost it's flavor. The leftover frosting I saved in a...
I appreciate any and all of your help. I highly look up to pros or anyone who knows what they're doing. That bit of information about the cocoa powder and books help greatly too. I definitely need to learn the science part more which is why I've been thinking about pastry school. Baking is my passion and dream.
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