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I really thought I was the only one who experienced this. I think once it comes out the jar, the flavor evaporates...even if you don't mix anything else in. Your hazelnut idea is a good idea....will try. I hope someone has success bc the bakeries can't even seem to get it right lol.
Yes I really don't understand it. I think it loses flavor once it's out the jar. I will try your suggestion & just add some powdered sugar next time. Thank you.
Yeah don't do it unless you experiment first. Make some and then try it the next day. Hope you can have some success.
That totally happened to me too. I bought a Nutella cupcake from my favorite cupcake shop(that is 6 hours away from me) and I tasted no Nutella...was so disappointed. It's really bizarre how Nutella does that.
It was a new jar & I didn't add anything else but powdered sugar and butter. The flavor was so strong right after I made it. I was so embarrassed to give it to the teacher but all she did was praise the cupcakes lol. In the future, I'm just going to use straight Nutella as a filling instead of frosting. Thank you both for your input.
Thank y'all so much! I'll get to baking ASAP .
I was asked to make a couple 7up pound cakes for a function that is tomorrow at 5pm. Is it too soon to make it now? Will it still be moist & fresh? If not I'll just make them early in the morning. Thank you.
^^Thank you again for all this fabulous info .
Thank you!
I find that the mini cupcake liners found at the store are way too small. I know there is another, bigger size type mini liners...what are they called? Will they fit in regular mini cupcake pans? Thank you all so much!
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