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Is your pan a nonstick dark coated one? Those pans tend to cook the outer part of cupcakes or any baked goods faster. If that's the case, reducing your oven temperature by 25 degrees should help.
One of the cupcakeries here uses this size & They are not jumbo but taller than standard cupcake liners. Also where can you get them? Thank you.
Here's an inside of dorie greenspan perfect party cake when I make it. This time I used it to make lemon meringue pie cupcakes. Totally moist fluffy & delicious.
Ok thank you!
ThankThank you. Is this in addition to the ingredients call for on the boxed mix? Really one cup eggs?
In this recipe yes you must sift the flour. When you measure your flour, make sure you use a scoop measurement & level off the top with a knife. Cream the butter & sugar for a while. Directions say 3 minutes but I often do 4 minutes.
I use Dorie Greenspan perfect party cake for all my white/vanilla based cakes/cupcakes minus the lemon zest called in the recipe. I add extracts/fruits to taste according to what flavor I'm making. Also add another stick of butter bc to me it's dry without it & I always use buttermilk. Yields a very fluffy cupcake. Maybe one notch less fluffy as boxed mixes. Just type Dorie Greenspan perfect party cake in Google.
Hello Cakers. I am 100% a from scratch baker; however, my best friend can't afford to buy a cake for a bridal shower she's throwing. She was going to make cupcakes from a box herself but I offered to do it as long as she bought the mixes. So she bought the pillsbury traditional vanilla mixes which don't have any pudding. Which cake mix extender recipe would be best for those? I've never made an extender recipe before & definitely not used to the non pudding mixes. I am...
Good morning K8 . Thank you for the well wishes. Yeah I'm dreading the P word like the plague. There has been a huge flu epidemic here and everyone in the area literally has it lol. That's what brought on my bronchitis. I have a follow up appt to see if it went away which it hasn't...meaning another round of yucky antibiotics. Yikes I don't envy your arthritis at all. I've seen so many suffer through it. I hope you find some more relief! Have you tried natural remedies?...
^^Thank you for the tip. The store didn't have it, but I will keep that in mind . I ended up being too chicken to use the coconut milk in the cake part. I had no time to do a test batch. I used coconut extract instead & put the coconut milk in the cream cheese frosting. They came out ok but lack much coconut flavor. But usually when I eat coconut cake I taste no coconut other than the flakes on top. My testers said they were perfect though lol.
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