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I have baked my first ever coconut cake and am wondering what type of frosting would compliment it. What kind of frosting do you use if you make coconut cakes? TIA!
I have been using Grace's recipe since she gave it to me and it seems to get better each time I make a cake or cupcakes with it. Just awesome!
I have begun to notice I put too much icing on my cakes. I would like to know how you all go about icing your cakes so that people aren't scraping the extra icing off. Thanks!
This recipe was really good, even after I slightly over baked it. Thanks Grace!
In another thread someone mentioned to me the Cook's Illustrated yellow cake recipe. I looked it up and it has cake flour. I would rather have a recipe that uses regular flour because I use regular flour in all my other recipes. Do any of you have a good yellow cake recipe uses AP flour? TIA
I tried that one and I couldn't get it to work right. It always come out gummy.
Thank you. I will try that.   This is the recipe I am using.
So I scrapped the white cake recipe I was using and now I'm having trouble with the new white cake recipe that was recommended to me. I am using the Cooks Illustrated white cake recipe and on the smaller size cakes it sinks in the middle. I made a 10" cake last night and it rose just fine. Today I have made 4 6" cakes and they all are sinking. I thought it might be cooking to slowly so I turned the temperature up to 350 and I'm still having the same problem. I know it's...
I am having the problem with just this recipe. My chocolate, red velvet, etc cakes all turn out just fine. I have narrowed it down to my white cake recipe. I have tried adapting it, but I think I just need to scrap it and start over. So does anyone have a good white cake recipe?
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