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Thank you so much! I will look in to all the recipes everyone is mentioning.
   It is also interesting to note that many European country have banned commercial egg washing. It can damage the outer layer of the shell and make it easier for contaminants to get in to an uncracked egg. Also, everyone in the US, and most people in Canada refrigerate there eggs. But Many places in Europe do not for this reason. Once the outer coating on an egg shell has been removed the contaminants that can leek in to the egg make it spoil faster.   Different...
Some of the vary old recipes I have for royal icing call for raw egg whites with no cooking as well. I guess back in the day people just weren't aware or not as worried about food safety as we are today. Sometimes I think we go overboard. Thank you everyone for ALL of your input. I am really really looking forward to trying SMBC again. I have a really busy month of cake making comeing up. (1 or 2 cakes every week.) I can't believe it I usually only get one a month. (I...
I just had a thought that I would put out there. because I used a carton of egg whites instead of fresh I didn't have to warm then over the dubble boiler for more then like...a minute or to and the sugar had dissolved. I am reading Beyond Buttercream RIGHT NOW. and she said the sugar wont dissolve until 140 f. My egg whites were no were near that warm. Could the sugar dissolve a lot quicker in the carton egg whites? I checked over and over and over because I didn't believe...
Thank you for taking the time to read the post and give me some feed back mzteaze. It will help out a lot next time!
I wrote about my expirience in my blog if anyone is interested in taking a better look at what went wrong. I have pictures of the whole proses.   Its my latest post so it should be right at the top of the home page. Just for those who are curious.
Joshua Russle's Craftsy class, is the tutorial I took. Its called Modern Buttercream.   •     8    egg    whites    (about    1    cup) •     1    cup    granulated    sugar •     6    sticks    unsalted    butter    (3    cups),    at room    temperature •     1    cup    confectioner’s    sugar    (sifted) •     Pinch    salt •     2    tablespoons    vanilla    extract
awesome. I was going to use fresh egg whites but my thermometer had let me down the night before for my caramel filling. It was WAY OFF and I have no idea why. So for a first try I just went out and got the carton of egg whites to be safe.
I knew something was wrong when I went to scrape the beater and after cutting one side it all fell off with a plop. NO ONE uses it in my area so I had never even tasted it before...I had no idea it could get to cold while whipping.   Thank you guys! I will look google for that link.
Yes. I whipped them to stiff peaks. and I brought my butter to room temperature. I didn't let it get smooshy soft though. I had been told that you needed to be able to stick your finger in butter but that it shouldn't be melty soft. (I have also seen videos of people using butter still slightly chilled. They say if its to soft it wont many conflicting instructions...)
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