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Small pieces of paper towel or cling wrap wadded up.
Here's the rest of the story.  250.00 prize money.
I just think this is hysterical.  Got an email regarding a local contest.  Cupcake Battles.  Entry fee is 160.00 and you have to bake 500 mini cupcakes.  WHAT?????
Have you tried Crawford's Creations?
I have brides all the time that are looking for a "reasonable" wedding cake.  I try to keep my response "reasonable".   "I would love to help you keep your cake cost "reasonable", but I haven't figured out a way to bake, decorate, deliver, and set up a wedding cake for 150 in a "reasonable" amount of time."     Usually squelches their "reasonable" expectations.
Speaking of surgeries, a fellow caker had a surgeon call for a purse cake & Jimmy Choo shoe box and gumpaste shoe for his wife's 50th birthday.  Party for 200.  When she gave him a quote, he said, "You would think at that price that you went to medical school."     She told me that she went livid and told him that he had no qualms about charging thousands of dollars or surgical procedures of which he spends less than an hour on, doesn't have to buy the instruments...
ddagile - Did you ever get an answer about adding the pineapple to this recipe?  I want to try this for mothers day.
costumeczar - Does adding liquid flavoring change the texture of this icing?  Does it color well?  I find that I can't get my colors right with all butter icing.
I spent several hours looking over recipes, tips and ideas shared on how to make a orange creamsicle cake.  I finally chose a recipe which is in the oven now.  ALL OVER THE OVEN.  It overflowed the pans and is sinking in the middle.   I used this recipe: 2 boxes White Cake Mix 2 cups melted Orange Sherbet 2/3 cup diet orange soda 2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 3 orange creamsicle yogurt 6 eggs 1/4 cup oil 1 T orange extract   I'm not sure where I went wrong, but if...
Also funny how customers will ask for giant fondant numbers on the cake and then add those dumb candles as well.  Why not just a few regular candles since the 30 was already on the front of the cake?
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