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I worked for a woman myself that opened a business because she just wanted to say she was the owner. She was so sweet and caring to te customers' faces, but behind the scenes, she was awful. She hated helping them, she actually hid from them when they came in to the bakery or she saw them in a store, she couldn't handle ANY criticism, and was an all-around moron. Her business closed after about 6 months. It was just too much for her to handle, so she quit. She honestly...
I'd rather hear good advice from AZ any day, than bad advice from people who do not own a business.
Exactly natt. Owning a business is a big commitment. Bigger than just saying "oh, hey! I'll open a bakery! It'll be a hoot!" It will take lots of planning, tons of money for buildout, and a business plan. Cottage laws make it easier, but it still takes planning & commitment to get off the ground.
I was wondering the same thing.
Some ovens are crazy I used a small double door oven for a few months that would flatten out everything I baked if I opened the door a certain way. Now, I work with 2 big ovens that look like walk-in closets. With doors as big as these, you'd think opening the oven could send food flying all over, but it hasn't happened yet. Enjoy your store, and happy baking!
I wasn't referring to you specifically, Ash. I'm just remembering some threads where members really rubbed their illegal/undercutting status in our faces, then expected us to hand over information freely. It makes some of us, who have really worked for it, a little bitter. If you're taking all the right steps to become legal in your new location, good for you. That's definitely a good thing!
I ask that members not rub their illegal status in my face (not you Ash, I'm being general), but I don't see that happening. What makes you think that all my hard EARNED efforts will be shared so freely with people who don't want to work for it?
Congratulations on a storefront!! Keep trying to bake at a consistent temperature. Try 350 (or whatever your recipe says first), see how it bakes. If it browns too fast & is raw in the middle, try 325 on the next batch. You may go through a few batches of batter/dough, but you've got to figure out that oven. Don't change your temp several times for one batch of goods, or you'll never know how it bakes.
But there is a 'science' to pricing a cake. A basic formula that everyone should know. Ingredients + overhead + labor + profit. Add in some common sense and business ethics, and you've got a pretty good start to pricing your cake. It's really not hard. But there are some people who think that it's wrong to run a business like a business - and that's where the trouble starts.
The arguments will never end. Pros will always have their way, and home bakers will always swear theirs is the right way to price. You can't win, because someone will ALWAYS jump in to defend BAD pricing advice, and all heck breaks lose. I've pretty much given up, because as a whole, we can't agree on anything.
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