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this place is a local online cake supply shop, I guess they carry it but are out of stock right now   I don't know where else you could order any from? maybe phoon huat could carry it? Or look for a food/bakery supply wholesaler? Like Bakery Lab, they're out in Tuas. call them before you head out there.
Ps- this lady, in South Florida which has a climate similar to Singapore's (although Singapore is warmer),  notes that for a stronger buttercream to use less butter and more shortening.   I think there are some local online cake places that sell high ratio shortening here too.
I'm in S'pore too..I don't think any kind of buttercream/frosting will hold up in this weather and 26/27 degrees in a room is pretty warm too. The air con should probably be at 16/17 to be safe.   maybe you should use a shortening based buttercream? I've read/heard that shortening holds up better than just butter? I'm not sure as I don't use shortening.     good luck!
What's a 'grass frosting'? It's made from grass? you add some grass to the frosting/buttercream? It's the color of grass? What is it?   The frosting has to be dense? do you mean heavy?    And whats up with earl grey as a flavor? Like earl grey tea?? I don't get how that could be such an incredible flavoring for a cake.   ps- google seems to have a lot of recipes for earl grey tea cake- just google earl grey tea cake, about 200,000 results come up. 
 "There's NOT enough to work to go around! Any market can only bear so much competition before it's oversaturated. And when the competition is oversaturating the market AND charging ridiculously low prices just to get business, it devalues the market as a whole."   so true!   There are tons of shoddy cakes being sold here, mainly advertised on FB groups. Most look like a blind kitten made them and without a doubt they are severely undercutting the legal cake makers....
that sounds disgusting...beef tallow in your buttercream? no thanks!
Carma Massa is going to treat you so much better than any other, she's a definite upgrade. 
Hi/welcome I think I remember adding less sugar once too...maybe it was written in the comments below? 2 cups of sugar is a lot- at least to me.
 haha! funniest post I've read in a while
 Very true...good analogy in your blog too. Easy to understand why obesity is an epidemic when they want to 'biggie size' their cake slices. 
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