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you can PM the name and I'll say it. I'm not in the US so they can suck it their potential lawsuit. 
sounds like dirty to me. OP- are you doing naughty x-rated snow cakes? Or just yellow snow cakes?    Either way- you've created a niche market- good for you. I'm sure you're going to be very successful as you're standing out from the other thousands and thousands of cake businesses. 
I'd tell her to suck it and move on. seriously.
I'd say no, 150 cupcakes = too much work for free.
I love blood oranges but I've not heard of a blood orange coffee extract. I would think both blood orange and coffee would pair well with chocolate ganache.
 He saw it in his heart to lift the ban? that was kind of him.
I think next time, definitely pull back your hair, take off any jewelry, make clean cuts with your knife/tool so there aren't any messy cut out bits on whatever you're cutting out. Use the proper tools for this-(Don't use a butter knife).  Just aim for clean, precise, high quality work/skills- meaning not ranging from messy to average work. I'm sure if you keep practicing, you'll get there. You have to pay attention to the details.   What I liked about it, is that you...
you can buy an exatco knife at your local hardware/home improvement store- you don't need to buy at the cake decorating supply shop- it will be probably a lot more expensive at the cake supply shop.    Are you in school still or a teenager?   PS- I love Austria too! 
 haha! That's my drink- I'll join you!! An 8" rainbow cake here costs about $100. A 2 bedroom condo/apt also sells for about $1M- 1.5M-at least.  It all really depends on the cost of living of where you live. I do wonder how custom cake makers/ businesses can survive in really low cost of living places, where a custom cake sells for $30-45? Isn't that like slave labor? why not just go get a job that at least pays $10 per hour or something?
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