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What size pans would you say I should use? I was thinking a 10 & 8... How many layers should I use for each tier? This is my first tiered cake. The top layer looks like it has 4. The bottom maybe 3? Should I torte all layers and full with buttercream?
Ugh I need to change my location! It's here in Texas!
I have a friend that would like to know if she can put her home ran bakery name on her vehicle without being recognized as a commercial bakery & without a tax id. That's the only way I know how to explain it. Or does she have to register her business and bake out of a commercial kitchen to be able to advertise?
I didn't mean to offend. I typed it incorrectly.
That cake decorating/baking was what you wanted to do with your life?
Awesome! Thank you ladies. You all have gave me great tips and pointers. Is there a program anyone used to track their expenses & profit?
So let me pitch you this idea. Cheesecake isn't big in my town (13k people) or the town next to me of 300k people. There's places solely dedicated to cakes/cupcakes and a few to pies but nothing to cheesecakes. A talk of The Cheesecake Factory have floated around but nothing is confirmed. My husband came up with this idea. Open a store, that serves different flavors of cheesecakes. Rotate flavors through out the week and have 2 or 3 simple main flavors for kids, and have...
Thank you for the link, sadly I am no longer in Ky. (Need to update that) Just wondering, how long does anyone think I should bake/sell cheesecakes for before opening a store front ? How many years or so?
I know it's not exactly cake but I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on starting up a business in cheesecakes? Under TX cottage food law I cannot sell cheesecakes out of my house, and to rent a commercial kitchen in the city is $37 an hour. We all know how long cheesecakes take. How do I get my cheesecakes out there for tasting and to build a following?
ThanThank you thank you so much for taking the time to do these. I greatly appreciate it. I will try your recipe tonight and I have too had conplaints about a scratch cake not having the same texture as the boxed cake they liked, and also about buttercream!!! I personally love traditional buttercream and it's all I use but I cannot figure out why several people prefer the buttercream with shortening. Just personal taste I suppose.
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