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Ok great!!! Thank you so still a newbie at some things I've only been doing this for about two years. I really appreciate your help. I will come back and post a pic of the finished product.
Oh wow ok I didn't think of that Thanks Do u think a hot glue gun would do the job?
  I just received a request for this cake and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I should use to support the cake and act as the stem of the glass.
I made a high heel shoe today and when I made the heel I ran into a problem. I rolled the gumpaste and cut the heel and toe out. First I placed the toe part on the sole and once I put the heel on the edges started cracking when I tried to form the shape of the heel. I'm a newbie but I'm guessing that even though it took less than five minutes, I shouldn't have let the heel set out while placing the toe part. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
Thanks so much
I have a customer who requested whipped icing on her cake. This cake will be covered in fondant but she would like the icing underneath to be like the whipped icing on cakes from super market bakeries. My question is are there any recipes out there for this icing or is there any place I can buy this already made. Thanks.
Thank you both I will come back and let you know how it turned out.
Thank you Jennicake I will definetly try it out
I am such a newbie lol what is wasc???
I used to make my own mmf but that has become to time consuming. Now I use the satin ice fondant. The problem is once I cover the cakes it starts to look dry and sometimes it kinda cracks on the corners. Im still a rookie and I need some advice on how to make the fondant look less dry or maybe give it a not too shiny finish (if that makes sense). Please help.
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