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What type of buttercream are you using? Also, are you making sure that your bench scraper is at a 90 degree angle with your cake and the board and you are using a turntable?   One of the easiest ways to make sure you have even sides is to use the upside down method. that way you have two points of contact for your scraper to go around the cake.
Thanks Leah, does this look right the way I drew it out?  
Excellent article. Thanks,
HI Leah, I have used SPS for tiers that sit on top of each other, love the system. My question is regarding using them with a 3 inch separation between2 tiers. I will need to make one of the separators a dummy because I need to put fondant ruffles on it. Can I still use the SPS and insert it the legs into the Styro dummy? The dummy will be the 3rd from the bottom of a 5 tier cake.
Actually the #2 picture is the one the bride sent me today. I see what you mean about the dummies being smaller. I think I will be fine. Thank you so much for your help, you always seem to know the answers.
middle tier
This is similar to what I am doing. I just want to make sure that ruffled tier is secureand find out the best way to do it. (Inspired by Sugar Ruffles)
Thanks K8- I thought that would work but even though I have been doing this for quite awhile, sometimes you just need someone else's insight
Oops ,sorry about the 56th tier Thanks K8. I will definitely be stacking it mostly on site, I am planning on being at the venue 2 hours early. I am thinking about making a support structure out of pvc secured to the cake board for the center support. Do you think that would work? or am I better to use something like SPS?
I am making a wedding cake in November that will involve the following stacking sequence :   Bottom tier: 12"dummy- sides  covered in gum paste roses 2nd tier: 12" cake 3rd tier: 10" cake 4th tier: 8" dummy- sides covered in gum paste ruffles 5th tier: 8" cake 56th tier: 6" cake   I have stacked tall cakes using both sps and dowels before, but my concern is how to secure the dummies. I am not so concerned about the bottom one because I will dowel the 12" cake to...
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