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Bronwen Weber has a great tutorial on right now....
Our prayers are with you
Awesome Leah, I've never used Charlottes or Debbie's. I will have to try them.
Fondant would do well, but I would suggest using ganache under it instead of Buttercream so that the heat won't affect it as much.
You should NEVER take an order for something that complicated that you have never done before! That is a disaster waiting to happen. My advice is that if you have several weeks to plan that you use the tutorial klan suggested and practice , practice, practice- not only the construction but the transporting.  
I like the modified one from Woodland Bakery Blog. not too sweet and more stable in our high humidity.
Such beautiful cakes this week everyone! Great job Matty combining the little ones favorite things into the cake! I have two this week. One for a young man who's going away to the Army on Monday and the other for a repeat customer who is surprising his wif with a birthday cake. The flag cake was inspired by Janet Brown.  
Here is the easiest trick I have found: Cut a strip 1" (Or the height of the layer you want)  X the circumference of the cake layer you have, out of a piece of a cake box. Wrap the strip around the layer and secure the ends with tape. Take your long bread knife (like the one howsweet has) and lay it on the top edge of the strip cutting through your cake evenly. If you are torting and cutting the top off, do your first cut, then set the bottom aside and wrap the strip...
Looks great Nannycook!  I don't think I could have attempted the sails with icing:)
  Just working on a couple of toppers for baby shower cakes this weekend. No cakes to make but I made an awesome Southern Peanut Butter Pie for Sunday dinner tomorrow!
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