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Second person today asking for one.
I haven't it sounds like a pain in the butt to do but if cake flour is really expensive where you live it might be worth a shot. By the way the recipe I use also calls for sour cream in it like the other poster mentioned that makes a big difference too.
Pain in the butt to do but it can be
They aren't actual metal. Pick the variation box and you get different looks and sizes.
So you're in fear of making your cakes taste better? Because that's exactly what cake flour does. I remember the first time I used cake flour it makes a world of difference. Even my daughter who doesn't really like cake loves vanilla cake made with real cake flour.
Good idea
Yeah all those flavors could make your head swim but I would love to make all those flavors.I cheat on my chocolate cake kinda , I take hot fudge topping and use that as a filling. People love it.
Hopefully this is what you are looking for , I didn't read the thread.
I agree chocolate and vanilla are most people's favorites but reading the thread that I will put a link to just shows you the list could be endless.
Really I mean really the list could go on forever with flavors, I mean you can make very few flavors or there are people who have so many flavors it will make your head spin. I would just ask them what flavor/flavors they are interested in and what flavor filling they want. Next question I personally don't sell my cakes ( I'm a hobby baker) but yes I do taste every one of my cakes . I level each one of my cakes and I try the cake scraps to make sure that I'm happy with...
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