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If its your moms thirty something birthday I can only assume that you aren't very old maybe in your teens I'm just guessing. Anyways going off my assumption I would either go with either vanilla or chocolate whatever you think your mom would like better. I than would just go with a buttercream filling too just easier for you to do. This is all on the assumption that you are in your teens and are being a really nice daughter/son wanting to make your mom a nice birthday...
Take your cake board and flip your pan over so that its upside down and place the board on it and see if it's the same size as your pan. If it is the same size you'll at least know that its your cake shrinking to much. If the pan and cake board don't match up than you might have bought the wrong size boards.
People just don't know how much work goes into a specialty item.
Viva is a smooth paper towel I have read on here of people using other paper towels but they leave little marks in the buttercream. You can use either parchment paper to smooth your cake or again I've read on here where you can use a piece of computer paper to smooth your cake.
Hey baking me crazy I grew up in Fontana moved when I was 18 long time ago lol. Yeah $2.50 for all that work seems really low if you have to do all that work I would go at least $3.00 a piece.
Well than I for sure would inform her that if you don't receive a deposit from her that you have someone else who wants the same date. No sense losing out on the whole day that they want to book
Yes than make sure from now on do inform anyone who calls and wants to have a tasting or book a date to tell them that there date isn't secured unless you have received a deposit from them.
You can do royal icing letters weeks in advance you just need to store them in a cool dry place out of sunlight.
Anniecahill you posted that cake the other day, I really like it....
Here's s recipe for royal icing. You can add food coloring to it to get the color you want
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