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Here's beyond buttercream recipe , I've never tried it but have heard wonderful things about it.
Here's that mud cake recipe.....its said that mud cakes are better after sitting for a few days
I hate crisco its greasy! High ratio shortening has different ingredients in it than regular shortening so it holds more liquid and sugar in it and it whips up much lighter. You can buy high ratio shortening at a cake supply store or a restaurant depot or online.
What post don't you understand? Mine or the other one? I don't understand the other post AT ALL but I just ignored it.
I might be mistaken and hopefully someone chimes in if I'm wrong but I think I read on here that you can use chocolate over RKT to smooth it out.
Ideas on what kind of cake?
Look in the gallery here under hunter themed cakes I found this one Really cute just add a few small fish in the water and a trap somewhere and your good to go. There are simpler ones in the...
This one is refurbished but Anna on here ( Annabakescakes) says all 4 of hers that she owns are refurbished , she also knows of a website where to buy refurbished kitchenaid mixers for really good prices might want to personal message her and ask for the website. Here's the one I found[RKSM7581MS]-401561/RKSM7581MS/
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