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I would say the class kits they make you buy to take each class. ....don't know if ill ever use that stuff again.
Wilton has a new one of these out I bought it for the classes I took I should say classes I retook being I took them 15 years ago....anyways I used it a few times in class and didn't have any problems.
I've PM my buttercream recipe to quite a few people here but I probably would never share it with any family except probably my daughter who at the age of 17 doesn't really care about buttercream right now except to eat it
This is more of what I'm thinking with a taller cake and alittle bigger flower
This cake has a tiny bit of gliz on the bottom of each tier
Do you have a picture we can see of the cake you are talking about? What about glam ribbon from caljava its not editable but comes in one long strip that you cut to fit on the cake than it can be removed before they cut the cake. There is a video on there site about the ribbon and it comes it different colors if you want.
I'm not sure if you can buy from here or not.
This one is really pretty....not sure what its made out of.
Not sure what the look is you want
Sounds like you might need to add more powdered sugar that might help the wilting not sure about the color separating though I have read on here that hot hands can cause icing to separate or that wilton food colors sometimes separate.
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