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You yourself said you would of given $100 to the couple as a gift , well making that large of a cake is gonna run into hundreds of dollars so as tactful as you can explain to them that the cake will cost way more than what you thought.
Yeah it drives me crazy when I give someone a recipe and they say will I can just substitute this for that and it will turn out the same right.....arg.
There was a gal on here from Canada who I gave my buttercream recipe to and it calls for high ratio shortening she said that she was able to buy high ratio shortening at bulk barn , so she bought it in a small amount that they sold it and made my recipe and loved it said she's using it to make her wedding cake in August.
Here's some good cake pans in the needed sizes you talked about And you'll need this one too its a12 inch pan. If you buy from global sugar art make sure to use paypal because they have had problems with people buying just straight using their credit...
I agree cake supplies add up very quickly.... when i go to my cake supply store needing just a few things next thing i know its added up to way more than what i intended to spend. Just the pans alone will cost alot. Its a really good idea to maybe ask a few family members if they would like to chip in towards the cake rather than give the couple a gift of money, you can buy a nice card and write in the card to the couple who all chipped in towards the cake. Its not unheard...
This is what a cricut cake machine is suppose to do....I don't own one but it seems like a lot to know about the machine to get it to cut out what you want. I do own a regular paper cricut for scrapbooking and its a lot of work and takes a lot of space up but it does have some pretty things it can cut out .
I think they improved it pretty good. I can see where the old one would give trouble....Im just saying that I didn't have any problems using the new one.
I do notice that a lot of people come on here and ask for your recipes and kinda expect for people to be forthcoming and freely give up their best recipes. ... sometimes I give them out sometimes not just depends on my mood at that given time.
I've heard nothing but bad about this so ill never buy one.
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