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this is is my first 3d cake.. really hope it will be the last one!  
    thank you!
I gotta try with the fan, maybe it's going to be better.. anyways I live in the desert (New Mexico) so it's very hot but no humidity!
I've been asked to put together a box with some cupcakes, some cookies, fudges.. And something vegan! Does anyone have some good recipe to share? Thank you
Sorryyyyyy!!!let me know how it works for you, it might be my home, very hot and no ac :/
you are right!!!! ..done!!!! thank you everybody!!! <3
Ladies and gentleman, I'm happy to say that my kitchen has been inspected and licensed!!!!   I'm soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My facebook page in on if you want to like it :) my website is online as well, business card in my purse, flyers ready.. let's start this business!!!!!!   Thank you so much everybody, one by one, each of you, because I learned so much reading this forum. You people are truly the...
I think so since fondant is edible..
No, the top lid is two pieces of cardboard glued together, wrapped in foil and covered in fondant! A couple of dowel in the cake to hold it so it didn't crash the white "papers"! So she just lift it up and cut the cake! Anyways, according Wilton chart, 6"+8" = 36 servings, 4" tall
I Made this cake last month (sorry for the bad pic), it was a real size shoe box, 33 servings!
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