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Make them out of gum paste so you can have a very thin layer. A lil bit of water on the cake (or edible glue), put the black first, then the pink and wrap everything with the black ribbon
Anyways, if you are afraid they can steal your customers, keep them away from them! You need to be the one talking to customers, giving prices and taking orders!
As part time employees, I would never sign a no compete form, NEVER. Maybe as full time.. But part time? C'mon! I know people with 3 jobs to support their families, they make desserts and cakes in several places. You must offer an amazing rate to expect that..
I'm getting into the process to get a license for my kitchen and open my own business from home. I'm going to the health department on Thursday to drop the form, after that I'm planning to see my accounted to open the business. What structure of business did you guys pick? And why? I'd like to get my own idea before talking to the person.. Thank you!
I think I'm gonna bake 3 layers: 8", 7" and 6" and carve.. Hope to get the high I need!!
Hi! I need to make a barbie dress cake for 15ppl but i dont have the wilton cake pan, so I'm going to use round pans and carve it. How big do the layers need to be for 15 servings, in your opinion? Thank you!
I dont know, do you usually steal money from your employees, make things up and try not to pay back for supplies they bought in your place?
Yeah she is just THAT mean.. She stole $25 of tip a guy left me for a cake, messed up my working hours in the computer.. She giving me such a hard time.. But I can't afford to leave the job now..
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