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I think I'm gonna bake 3 layers: 8", 7" and 6" and carve.. Hope to get the high I need!!
Hi! I need to make a barbie dress cake for 15ppl but i dont have the wilton cake pan, so I'm going to use round pans and carve it. How big do the layers need to be for 15 servings, in your opinion? Thank you!
I dont know, do you usually steal money from your employees, make things up and try not to pay back for supplies they bought in your place?
Yeah she is just THAT mean.. She stole $25 of tip a guy left me for a cake, messed up my working hours in the computer.. She giving me such a hard time.. But I can't afford to leave the job now..
I usually make a vanilla cake and replace the vanilla extract with Lethe lemon one, plus I add a couple of T of lemon juice
Hey! So that's my thought: I work as pastry chef in a bakery (I bake, decorate, work with fondant, talk to customers, bring my own recipes..) and they don't pay me enough for everything I do, ($12/h). Sometimes I also go to get supplies myself because they are "too busy".. I buy and use my own tools, molds and everything I might need for fondant (they don't have anything, only 2 molds, seriously). I also work in a restaurant as well, pastry chef but they pay me way...
They have been already purchased by the bride!
Hello! I have to put some succulents on a cake, how to? Same as the flowers? So I need to wrap the roots and insert them into the cake? Advices please!
Like everybody said, it doesn't seem right. I did donate a couple of cakes during the year, but I picked the design and everything (I made half sheet cakes anyways). If you want to work to her, she needs to tell you the budget and YOU tell her what she can get! Or Walmart sounds a good option for her..
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