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I think so since fondant is edible..
No, the top lid is two pieces of cardboard glued together, wrapped in foil and covered in fondant! A couple of dowel in the cake to hold it so it didn't crash the white "papers"! So she just lift it up and cut the cake! Anyways, according Wilton chart, 6"+8" = 36 servings, 4" tall
I Made this cake last month (sorry for the bad pic), it was a real size shoe box, 33 servings!
'cuz you know everything!!!
 AZCouture for president!
me too, not sure what you exactly mean.   Anyways, I would charge $30 for the heel on top, plus $8 each medium rose.. for the cake on the left I can't really see what's on it!
sorry, no idea, I don't freeze cakes covered in fondant..
Why should someone buy a dummy? O.o
I will! I have a couple of weeks to go so I'm going to double check Who I need to talk too without get anybody upset
True but the hotel I work for hosts conferences and company parties mostly. I think I saw only 2-3 weddings in 1 year, so the exec. chef of this hotel might not be interested (I'm very sure about it, he is very old style, doesn't like changing..).The exec. chef of the company has a global vision and the CEO knows for sure what's the agreement for the wedding planner service they offer (just to mention one).I feel I need to know how they work with other people, I don't want...
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