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You can make this yourself, just get floristry wire, and cover it in brown florirsty tape, just be a bit more rough then you are when covering the wires for sugar flowers. You can then move it where you want, and just do a few long ones to wrap around the cake. Its how I did the stick looking things on this cake
I love featherweight bags, and don't mind disposable. I don't like that with disposable, if your using a thick icing the bag can burst from the pressure. So I put the icing in a disposable bag and cut off the end (a fair bit, maybe 2 to 3 cm), prepare the featherweight bag with a coupler and tip, then put the disposable bag (that's full of your icing) in the featherweight bag. Then you only have to clean a small amount of the featherweight bag and the tip and can throw...
Macarons have been very big in Aus for a year or so and are starting to slow down... though even McDonalds and Woolworths sell them.  I have only eaten a few that I have loved and they were all from one little shop in Melbourne (the cupcake family in QV for those playing at home!), and they have fresh berries in them, all others have just not been my cup of tea... though I don't like tea... or macarons for that matter. 
If I want a cake to be taller, I just bake two layers separately, then trim and stack them. It also means that if one of your cake sinks in the middle you can just cut that one a bit shorter. and you don't lose out on too much height as you still have the other one to play with. 
I can not stand seeing a beautifully executed cake on a bare board... I see it as something that separates the hobby bakers from the professionals. When I was a hobby baker I didn't see any point and didn't see why you would, but it adds that extra depth to a cake and makes it look complete. 
Thank you very much!! That is a real keeper that one!
That's ok!! If you happen to find one with the odd cake sizes or even how many seves you get from the odds let me know!
Haha!! I'm based around the Mornington Peninsula. I was only going to do it as she was a "friend"... but her attitude started getting rediculous.. then the emails happened...she was from Noble Park/Dandenong area... just saying lol
It's the one I go by, I hate the idea of trying to cut the bigger sizes into smaller circles
    Was this what you were after?  
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