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Keep squeezing those bags and forming that fondant!!!!!!!!
What about the slightest use of rose color. Not sure.
Very pretty!
Wow! That's a long way to travel! I couldn't do it. Who's going to stack and finish edges? Will she hold you responsible if anything happens? All I know to do is search internet for "shipping" cakes. Good luck! Let us know.
There is white gel coloring. Not sure if that would help. I've never noticed my mmf being off white. Sorry I couldn't help much. I always use clear vanilla.
I looked at your cakes and they are awesome! I really like the race car! Keep practicing! There's always something about my cakes I don't like. I'm no professional but my friends and family keep wanting them. I've done a couple for complete strangers and they've been happy with them. We are our own worst critics. Would you be willing to make a small cake just for him and his wife? This might help you build confidence. Whatever you decide to do, keep creating!!!!!
This is my first transfer
Freezer paper is found with tin foil and plastic wrap. It's for wrapping meat in to freeze. I wrap my cake boards all the time with it. Make sure you put the shiny side out so that the paper doesn't absorb the oils in the icing and leave greasy spot. Wrap to the bottom and tape with clear packaging tape. If doing round, cut slits for flatter folds.
What happen? I just had this happen to me this weekend. My cake was super moist and the icing didn't want to stay on it right. Finally got it done, but the next morning I noticed some oozing. Dabbed it off with paper towel. When we cut it at the party it seemed to be fine. Can't explain it, but sure don't want it to happen again.
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