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Hi Linda   I watched part of Jessica's tutorial . But did she use modeling chocolate or fondant??    Thanks so much   Cathy
Good Morning    I have a wedding cake to do in May and Bride would like the middle tier( 8" square ) to be a yellow chevron over buttercream.   What do you all suggest for creating the Chevron pattern?   Would you use fondant wax paper method; or sugar sheets?   And for those using sugar sheets; can you recommend sheets that do not crack? The last ones I used cracked horribly instead of melding into the buttercream.    Thanks for your help :)   Cathy
Thank you Godat.. that's pretty much where I am with this :)
Good Morning   Ok I am having a bit of a nightmare with a potential client. We originally discussed having a half sheet ; 2 layer cake for her daughter's grad cake.I priced it correctly; and then she said she thought I had told her my cakes were $ 1.00 per person ( ummmmm not so much!)   So she originally agreed to a half sheet at my pricing. Now I just received another message that she wants the half sheet shaped like a book with pages; and a scroll and a grad cap,...
I think my favorite is " How much do you charge for a standard wedding cake?"  No other info such as .... how many people are we serving? What type of a cake etc.....   :)
Thanks SPCOhio.... I will need it ! LOL
Hi SPCOhio   Tried to steer her in a different direction.. not The Girl wants Pink; and the Boy wants Orange( or this is what Mom wants :)   She also wants such a small top tier ( 6") but wants 4 candles on either side of the top tier for each child to blow out. Sooooo no topper going on on this one.   But the pearls are a wonderful idea! Bling for the Princess and Treasure for the Pirate.I like it!   I also love your cut in half cake; adorable! But...
Hi John   Great idea for the airbrush; but don''t have one. She doesn't want fondant; but I will use your idea of separating the 2 sides with a thin strip of fondant to look cleaner and crisper.   Thank you :)   Cathy
CakeRae80 is correct. Just an FYI; black food color has a very bitter aftertaste.. I have tried several liquid and Gel colors and still get that bitter taste. That goes for White food color also.. gives buttercream a very "off" aftertaste.
Ok.. need some help with this one   Customer wants 2-3 tiered cake for twin 4 yr olds.   She wants 1 half to be Princess Bling; and the other half Jake and the Pirates.   She wants them to both have a "side"; so that when kids they are sitting in front of their cake; each one sees a different cake.  ( Hope that made sense)   My questions is how do I accomplish this without it looking a mess.   My first thought was to cover both tiers in Pink Buttercream; let it...
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