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No questions are stupid!! When learning we have to ask questions. There are many videos on youtube that will help you. Here's one below that may help you. Just make sure you have leveled the cakes before stacking them.  Good luck/ You can do it!!!!  
That is pretty awesome!!! You did a great job!!! Yes it does take a long time to decorate and many people have no idea what it involves.  For 10 hours of work, you should be paid for your time!!!  
Very nice tutorial!!! They make cute flowers!!  
The below is where I got this from. Read 6th comment down from deliciousdesserts about putting chocolate down.  I tried this and it works for me.  You just put it in each corner to make corners stand up perfectly underneath the cake then you frost cake. Don't know if this works for fondant cake or not but it works when I do butter cream cakes.
Here is a video where she talks about the square or rectangle pans and not to buy the ones with the rounded corners. See below. I have the ones with the straight square corners. I also read where one person puts a flat piece of a Hershey bar on each corner under bottom of cakes before frosting cake so that the corners stand up perfectly.  Since I have started doing this my corners are crisp and look a lot...
Clean up a little as you bake and keep everything washed up as soon as you are finished with it. When you put cake in oven, wash up everything (bowls, measuring cups, etc that you messed up while mixing cake. When you take cakes out of oven and pans, while cake is cooling, wash up the pans that cake cooked in. Clean up as you go. That way you don't have too much of a mess.
WOW!!! For a first cake you did an excellent job!!!!!  
I wanted to ask a question about the cake marvel tops.   1) Do you have to grease and flour the top when you put it over the cakes?   I tried using the turkey aluminum foil tops and put it over my 9 x 13 cake pan while cooking. About 10 minutes later I looked and cake was sticking to the top so I took it off. I ended up still having a hump in middle so I just used my leveler and it was fine.  I must say that the cake was super moist, more so than...
Leah, I was thinking the same thing!!! Instead of packing extra luggage a big extra empty suitcase!!!!  
Here is one done in butter cream which shows you how to move your wrist when piping. At least this is another option for you if you prefer butter cream like I do.  The below looks like she filled the piping bag up too much but never the less will show you the method of how. She is using the rose tip for doing this. If you want a bigger ruffle you can go up to the rose petal tip 125. Here is another one done a different...
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