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For the first one you ever did I think you did a great job!!! The more you practice the easier it will get for you!!! I am glad the bride loved it.  For 120 dollars she got the better end of the deal!!! The flower was very pretty!!! Your next cake will improve with experience but remember you can always hide a lot with icing flowers or borders.  Hang in there and keep the faith!!!!   I did my first three tier cake free for a little girl's birthday down the street and...
Don't know if that is fondant or butter cream but here is one where flowers are piped right on to the cake. You can do this with any kind of design whether it be curly que circles or flowers.  
You did an awesome job!!! WOW!!!! It looks great!!!  
Yes, I have baked many a neighbor's kids birthday cakes for their birthdays.I do not charge anyone but I just do it as a hobby and only do it for the neighbor's and family  that I am close to. The kids are thankful for their cakes and they look forwards to it each year. They come around and remind me of their birthdays and what flavors they prefer.   I enjoy doing it for the kids but at times I have neighbor's that I don't even know asking if I will make their aunts,...
Here is a discussion about strawberry filling on cc below.
I agree that the red background against the black does look better.  
I really can not tell what kind of flowers they are. If they are carnations, here is one video using rose petal tip doing carnations.  
This woman sounds like she would complain about anything and everything.  I would not take it personal. If every one else loves your cakes and icing it sounds like this woman is just complaining for no reason!!
Chrysanthamums are normally done with decorator tip 81.
Maybe this will help you out.  If you are still worried about not having enough you can always make some extra cupcakes to go along with your cake. With Wedding cakes people normally have other food to eat at the reception and the wedding cake servings are normally smaller.  I am not sure about birthday parties. Someone here can probably help you out better than me. And yes when you have tier cakes the top cake will need their own cake plates along with dowels in the...
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