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That is interesting about mud cakes being better after they sit. The Hershey's chocolate cake would not be considered a mud cake would it? The Hershey's one is the only chocolate cake I have ever made.  
You hit the nail right on the hammer!! Great job!! Love the saw on top of cake!!!  
I have put Hershey's chocolate kisses on top of cupcake batter and Hershey's peanut butter cups. I just barely pushed them (not all the way - just a little) and when cooking they sink into the middle of the cupcake. They turned out pretty good. All the kids went crazy over them. Don't know why it would not work for truffles as well!!! Let us know how it works for you!!  
You did an awesome job!!!
Originally Posted by Crazy-Gray   You just reminded me how my little brother served his 21st birthday cake; he cut his 8" round into 7 pieces, walked into a room of 20 (one monster slice in hand) and proclaimed "Cake's cut, get some while you can it'll go quick"!!!! ...sometimes I'm sure I'm adopted!     You are too funny!! Sounds like your brother loves cake!!! This put a big smile on my face!!!  
Are the silver dragees edible or do you take them off of the cut piece of cake before eating? What size of mm do you think the ones on the picture of cake are? They look pretty big to me. I do like the cake!!  
I agree with the others!!! It sounds like to me it will only get worse if you continue dealing with these people!!! Run now while you can and refund them the money!!! Good luck/Mary
If that cake is light green then the camera did not pick it up because I can not tell what color it is.  Hopefully someone else here will be able to tell you.
To each his own. Sounds like they want two cakes so I am assuming the other cake will have icing.  The icing cake will probably be eaten much quicker than the non icing cake. Most people love butter cream cakes. At least, I know I do. The non icing cake shown does at least have some type of filling in between the layers. The saran wrap is a very good idea for cake not to dry out prior to putting cake out. As long as the bride is happy that is all that really counts!!!
I am so sorry that you are having this issue with a customer. I would also call the restaurant and speak to the person who was actually there when the cake was presented.How would anyone know if the cake was dry unless they cut it and tasted it first? This story sounds like another person who wanted a cake for free.    I agree that if a person does not have a phone number then you should not do business with them. I am hoping that when you call the restaurant that...
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