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Boy that cakes looks delicious!!! I will have to try a black forest cake one day!!!
Congratulations on the job!! It sounds like you were perfect for the job!!! Thanks for the Banana Foster Bread with Walnut streusal topping recipe. I put it in my favorites and will try it one day!!! Job well done!!!!
I think your cakes are great!!! Looks like you have what it takes because your cakes are very professional looking to me!!! Great job!!!
I only do cakes as a hobby and do not sell but always ask the person if they need the candles. Most already have their own candles.   When I made a cake for (neighbor) a child who was Latin American, I went over and the birthday girl put her face right into the side of the cake. They said it was a tradition of the children to do that. If I had to vote blowing out candles verses smashing their faces into the cake  I think I would vote for blowing out candles instead. They...
The monkey cake is adorable!!! I think it is so cute!!! The cupcakes are pretty too!!  I know plenty of kids who would have been thrilled to have that cute monkey cake!!
For your first cake, you did an awesome job!!! WOW!!! You really have the knack for cake decorating!!! Your cake is so neat looking!!! Great job!!!
Do not give up!!! With each cake you make you will get better and better. You definitely have talent but you need to keep practicing. No one does a perfect cake within 2 months of practicing.  You just need more practice!!! Hang in there and don't throw in the towel!!! You are going to be fine!!!! One day you will look back and say, wow, look how good my cakes look compared to when I first started!!! If you give up now then you will never know how good you can really be at...
Hope all goes well with your surgery. I will keep you in my prayers that you will have a speedy recovery! Too bad you don't have someone in your family who could fill in for you!!  What state and city are you in? Maybe someone here on  cc is near you and would be able to help you out. It does not hurt to ask if there is anyone who lives near you.
Hey, you did an excellent job on your cake!! I think it is cute!!! Way to go!! For a newbie, you are doing fantastic!!!
Please post a picture of your cake once you make it. I think the cake picture of the baby buggy is too cute!!!! Good luck, I am sure it will come out fine!!!!
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