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Wow!!! The lace is beautiful. Your cake will look awesome!!!
Hello Starbird,   Welcome to CC!!! I will be looking forwards to your posts!!! I have a friend who lives in Manitoba Canada. If you work in a bakery you are definitely in the right place for anything to do with baking cakes!!! This place is full of great baking knowledge!!! I only do cakes as a hobby and everyone here is always so helpful!! I have learned much but still am learning.
I have done the black in the Wilton tube before and I never had an issue with it bleeding. I have only done one buttercream transfer and it worked very good. Maybe you got a bad lot of black icing. I really don't know!!  Well anyway, good luck. I am sure someone here who has had experience can tell you why this is happening.
I don't blame you for being nervous. A four layered tier cake is one huge cake especially if you are driving on bumpy roads. If you have making cakes for 36 years, I am sure you will take all necessary precautions. Hopefully, your cake will be fine!!! Please take a picture. I would love to see how it turns out!! Good luck, you can do it!!!
Hey Cat, I love strawberry shortcake with whipped topping!!! Actually this is one of my favorite cakes!!! You are making me want some! Eat a piece of it for me!!!!Yummy Cazza I love your sandwich cake!!! It looks wonderful!!!
I have used Hershey's caramel ice cream topping before by poking holes in chocolate cake and pouring the caramel topping over each layer of cake till it sinks into cake then frost over the top and sides with normal buttercream icing.   If your recipe works with caramel then why wouldn't it work with butterscotch ice cream topping? I say go for it. It may be really good!! Let us know how it turns out!!!
 I feel for you and know you must be pretty upset!!!  I am wondering what the others will think of this. Obviously, the bride and her mother think that you got the date wrong but your emails are proof that your end of the bargain was to make the cake on the 28th. This is my opinion that they should pay you for the cake. You should not have to pay for their mistake.   I am not sure what the professionals would do in this situation so hopefully one of them will advise you...
I am no expert but maybe you have too much filling in between the layers. I am not really sure. Hopefully, someone here who is an expert will jump in and let you know what they think the problem could be. Good luck!!
Hang in there!!! Everyone has bad days!! Maybe you need to set your oven temperature a little lower or cook it for a shorter time at the normal temperature. I have gotten to where I cook my cakes at 325 degrees.  I am sure you will get it right sooner or later!!! Keep your faith and do not give up!!!
I like to use heavy whipping cream (2 cups) with 2 tablespoon piping gel for stabilizer, 2 tablespoons of 10x sugar and vanilla extract. It tastes really good. I put bowl I use to whip cream into freezer for about 15 minutes before whipping up. Then I put cream,sugar,piping gel whip cream, and add vanilla flavoring.    You can pipe borders with this as well.  I use this for tres leche cakes with fruit in between layers and on top!!! Everyone who has ever tried a tres...
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