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Why is it that when I buy the "Wilton" baking cups for my "Wilton" cupcake pan  they are always too big?  It's very frustrating!   I hate when the paper buckles!!!!!   That's all........I needed to vent!
Can anyone give me some hints as to how to make a ruby red frosting?  What colors should I use with the red.  Thanks so much!!
Here's my first attempt at what is becoming very famous.....the rose umbre cake      
I need a good crusting  buttercream frosting for my cupcake bouquets.  I've been using the Wilton one with the shortening but it just doesn't cut it for me.  It has to be "white" because I use food coloring.  Can anyone out there suggest one for me.     Thank you!
thank you all for the tips. Tracyaem, what is the souffle method?
Can anyone help me out with this?I made red velvet cupcakes from scratch, frosted them...etc.As I was putting my cupcake bouquet together the cupcakes that were on the side of the styrofoam started to separate from the cupcake liners and fell off!!!Is this because the cake was not dense enough?? Too much frosting making it top heavy? I use 2 toothpicks per cupcake.I really am at my wits end about this. I had to cancel the order for a friend and it was very upsetting to...
Is there a secret way to find an answer to a specific question in this forum?. Every time I type in a "specific" search it sends me to a million answers and more times than none the answers do not even pertain to the search, lol!
Every time I make cupcakes the papers always cave in in some spots. I use the wilton cupcake pans and cupcake liners and the liners seem too big. When I scoop the cake batter in, the liners buckle. Is there a way to avoid this??Thank you
I realize this has been posted before but I will be doing a craft fair and I need ideas on how people could carry out their cupcakes. I've seen the clear plastic cup idea with a lid. Where would I get those. Also should I stock myself with boxes that will carry more than one cupcake??This is my first fair so I could really use some sound advice.Thank you!
I've used I found their prices to be pretty good.
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