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An example of embossed metal Cake Plateau on ebay    
It looks like the sides were done using an embossed rolling pin or mat - a design similar to basket weave
Congratulations and Celebrations!!!   Wishing you the very best of luck with your bakery business - going forward!
Try this website: http://www.**********
Try using ready made flower paste i.e. Squires Kitchen for the numbers - as it dries in real quick time! Another option would be to add half teaspoon Sugarflair Gum Tragacanth  250grms to sugarpaste. Mix in well and leave to rest for at least a few hours before use, and knead it again before rolling. Hope this helps!
I agree with icer101 - a cake drum would be much more appropriate. You could band the sides of the cake drum with some coordinated coloured ribbon - for a more professional finish. Hope this helps!   Happy Baking!!!
Try this website for a good range of silicone moulds for borders: CK and Squires Kitchen silicone moulds page   Hope this helps Margaret393
Looks similar to a pattern that I uploaded to CC in SKETCHES and PATTERNS ALBUM  last January.  I used a single petal cutter and arranged the cut-outs in sets of four.   Hope this helps Margaret393
Do NOT use the ganache if it has a fungus on it. "If in doubt throw it out" How long did you store it in the fridge? 
Very pretty cake,! Beautiful roses! Congrats!!!
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