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Hi Mandy a BIG welcome to Cake Central....a wonderful platform for Inspiration, Creativity and Motivation!   I make cakes as a hobby and have learnt SO much from both Professionals and Hobbyists alike - here on CC.   ENJOY!!!
Thinned out royal icing would make a good attach fondant shapes and letters. HTH
I had this problem also with the Canon edible printer - wasted edible paper can be costly! To get around this I would FIRST print  out a copy of the picture on PLAIN COPYING PAPER.....then adjust the colour tones where necessary. For example RED or PINK seemed to be the main mismatch!!! Once I am happy with the results,,,,,and only then, will print on the edible paper.   I am not familiar with the CCI profiles with any learn something new everyday, which...
What about Cabinet Pudding - sometimes referred to as a Hot Trifle in the culinary world!. Cubes of plain cake placed in a buttered pie dish, mix in few ounces of dried fruit .ie, sultanas, raisons and glace cherries - cut in half. Pour on vanilla flavoured egg custard, leave it stand for about ten minutes to allow the custard to soak in, and then bake in a  moderate oven.   Note all prepared egg custard based desserts are best placed in a shallow dish of water to...
Hi wedtemp the Lakeland brand is called Magic Icing Powder
Hi kdeabs I agree with cupcakemaker  - royal icing would work well for the curled leaves.  However another option, which makes a good glue - for general use, is to take a small amount of fondant - same colour as cake base, break into small pieces and add a  drop of water. Melt in the microwave - on LOW heat, mix well at intervals - taking care not to burn it! Allow to cool before use. Transfer glue to small container or jar with lid. (to prevent drying out when not in...
I add a tablespoon of water - per egg yolk and whisk it in, then freeze yolks in an ice cube tray - very handy and quick to thaw when  required. Uses to name but a few - quiches, sugar pastry , egg custard based desserts, lemon curd etc.
Hi sam83 welcome to CC! You mentioned BC or RI for grass - would you consider using sugar paste? Try pushing some coloured sugar paste / fondant through a garlic press or clay gun for a grass effect - have a look this technique used - on the funky christening cake in my CC photo album. Good luck with your cake. Hope this helps!  
Photo in my album on CC  got this CAKE PLATEAU  on line at - available in gold as well   
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