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Wow! That really covers everything I needed to know, Yortma. I'm a little embarrassed for not having searched it myself first before posting my question, but thank you so much. That was a great dissertation!!    Thanks, too, for the input, Stitches.
Massa Grischuna Neutral versus Carma Massa Ticino -- Has anyone out there tried both? How do they compare?   Thanks for your feedback in advance! 
Encountered the same problem until I realized I forgot one important step that some of the tutorials showed-- tape a clean sheet of wax paper to that second board. When you are ready to lift that board, first untape (is that a real word? haha...) the wax paper from the board. Take the board off the cake. Then now, carefully peel the wax paper from the surface of the cake. Makes for a lot smoother surface. Hope it helps!
Hope this blog by Lesley Wright, aka englishcakelady, aka Royal Bakery, helps.
I haven't found a foolproof brand as yet, but I CAN tell you what did NOT work for me-- Fondarific. It just doesn't set anywhere near the consistency you need so as to handle it without tearing while covering the cake. It tastes wonderful, though! :)  After my nightmare with it on a last-minute cake order, I consulted with several master cakers online, and they all seemed to have the same opinion.    I seemed to have better results with Wilton as it tends to handle...
Wow! Thanks, Funtodecorate!! This is great....exactly what I needed! Thank you! Thank you!And thanks, too, LKing, for your input. I really appreciate it....
"Any cake would be yummy with that much cream cheese on it!" true, Blue Rose! Thanks!
I hope the description makes sense-- I have seen tons of cakes where the design is a simple swirly rose along the sides and top of the cake. All of them seem to have been made with buttercream frosting. Has anyone tried this design using cream cheese frosting? Did it work? Here is the link to an awesome sample of the design I am talking about (I hope this works....)Thanks to I AM BAKER, who is the creator of this work of art ...
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