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I find lots of patterns for converse high-top and baby shoes or cake patterns but I am hoping to find a pattern to make an adult Keds type shoe.  Not a high top.  Does anyone have one they would be willing to share?
That thought crossed my mind, maybe use plain yogurt or milk instead of the sour cream. I like the buttermilk idea.
I made a "practice" cake for a friends, husband and he said the cake was too dense and moist. I used a basic boxed chocolate cake extender, flour, sauger, pudding, sour cream. I even used cake flour. I wonder if using yogurt will "lighten up" the cake a bit? I can exclude the pudding to reduce the "moist". I've never run into this before, I didn't quite know how to respon but I'd like to accommodate his request for hid 50th birthday cake. I haven't jumped into...
I wonder if there is something comparable here in the U.S.?
It really varies - the decorator at my local Costco is really good at pipped decorations. I know they have a limited number or design options so it makes sense they would get good at it. . Th grocery stores in my area are really starting to step up their decorating. I get the impressions they are feeling the pressure of custom decorators and there has definitely been a shift in what they are offering and displaying.
I've been on CC for a while and posted occasionally but this is my first time with the Friday nigh club. I don't do cakes very often. Anyways this is what I have been working I t his week. My daughters third birthday party if tomorrow. I decide in addition to a cake I would and home cookies as the party gift. The cookies are not my original design but I am not sure who's. I found the pics on the internet but haven't found the designers name to credit.
Thank you so much for the replies.  I will look for that thread I haven't seen it yet.   I love the Cayenne idea and may have to try that it sounds yummy.     I will definitely play around a little with the amount of flour.   Jennifer
I am by no means a cookie expert.  I have been reading the Gingerbread recipes here on this site.  I am curious I see some comments "this is not suitable for houses".     I am trying to figure out, is a Gingerbread cookie suppose to be hard an crunchy like the GingerSnaps you buy at the store?  Or is a true homemade Gingerbread cookie firm & crisp on the outside but soft on the inside?   I am just not sure what to expect when I make a Gingerbread cookie.  It is not...
So I have a question in regards to a 50/50 mix. What do I use to color? Chocolate colors or fondant colors? I know they are different. I am making a cake for this weekend and have my mix which I am just cutting circles for a polka dot cake. Will this 50/50 work for a standing #7 and if so would I need to stick a skewer in it to attach it to the cake or maybe make a long enough tail to stick in my straw? Thanks!
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