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I switched from disposable to featherweight because I thought I would save money. I only used the featherweight twice, I despised cleaning them. Disposable all the way!
Honestly, buttercream is supposed to be sweet. You could reduce the amount of sugar in he recipe but it will no longer crust.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, does any one know of any blogs or articles where I can link my clients that explain what actually goes into the making of a cake? How custom cakes and walmart cakes can't be compared? Thanks!
Make sure you send an e-mail or call Rick Perry to get that law signed!
To me, scratch is less expensive but takes up much more time measureing ingredients. I use the wasc for all my flavors, except carrot which I make from scratch, and it only takes me about 5 min or less to mix a batch. What helps move along faster is that I measure a cup of flour and sugar into ziplock bags and store them and everytime I am making a WASC I just pour one of the bags into the batter.
I would go with a 10 inch and 8 inch, it should feed 62 people.
my guess is a 6 and 8 inch.
I would like to know this too!
Thank you everyone for your help! I live in TX and home bakers don't need a lincense , thanks again!
I did a version of the Italian Cream WASC recipe once her on CC. It came out really good. I would try that recipe excluding the pecans and see how it turns out. I used a white mix with coconut flavoring since I could not find a coconut cake mix in my area, hope this helps!
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