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Yes. When I have any edible printing done, I always make sure I'm fully prepared to certify that anything I don't own outright is either (1) Public Domain, (2) Creative Commons, (3) General Public License, (4) explicitly licensed to me by the owner, or (5) that I'm acting as an agent of the copyright owner.   Checking DecoPac, I find, to my astonishment, that they do now offer a number pre-printed Disney edible images (I didn't find any the last time I looked, just...
You're right. Yours don't compare to mine, but not the way I'm assuming you mean: the LEAST ambitious of the three you showed is FAR BEYOND anything I've ever even ATTEMPTED, much less ACHIEVED! False modesty doesn't become you. (About to run up to a cake supply in Orange, to pick up the edible print for my own birthday cake, a cake that, like my birthday cake from last year, I wouldn't even contemplate without edible printing.)
Butter is butter: the fat churned from dairy cream, with a small amount of water and milk solids. (Clarified butter has the bulk of the milk solids and water removed by melting and skimming, and is almost pure fat.) The only way it could possibly contain soy is if (a) it were adulterated, (b) any "seasonally-added" colorant contained soy, or (c) the cow was fed a diet of soybeans. As I type this, I'm looking at the label on a pound of Ralphs salted table butter, straight...
Hmm. What a coincidence, "reenrules": my next birthday cake is going to have a playing card theme. Since I'm turning 52, what could be more natural than . . . "52 pick-up"! Of course, your Las Vegas cake is far more ambitious than my own plans: just some edible printing on a 9x13 sheet cake. If we were both entered into a cake decorating competition, I'd bet on yours to beat mine.
My own first thought when I saw the thistle-looking cake was edible printing. And how in the world did you do the cherry pie cake?
Re: letting batter rest too long, I get nervous if I'm even 5 minutes too early for the oven. Although my mom's birthday cake turned out just fine, even though it had to wait a good deal more than 5 minutes for my kitchen cake to clear the oven. At any rate, you've made a large dent in the order. And I suspect that by the time you finish, you'll be seeing that face in your dreams.
Looks great to me, "Lfredden." I'm guessing that's a fondant covering; purely out of curiosity, what have you got between the fondant and the cake? And "staziaface1790," yours looks as good as anything I've ever achieved, and is more ambitious than anything I've ever attempted.
What trade secrets? Ya can find 'em in any Michaels, and a few well-stocked grocers as well. Besides, I'd rather hand-pipe flowers in BC. The Wilton ones may be beautiful, but if they were any crunchier, you'd break your teeth on 'em.
Oh. Completely forgot: just in case anybody somehow got the impression that I'd suddenly, in the past three weeks, learned to hand-pipe flowers like an expert, the flowers are, of course, out of the same 2 boxes of Wilton flowers I bought for the Mothers Day cake. My apologies if anybody got an inflated impression of my chops with a piping bag.
I second Marian's comments about Cat's giraffe cake. Both it and Marian's Spider-Man/Wonder Woman* cake are way beyond my pay grade. As is the "Pierre and Binky Zebra Cake" from "luvmykids2bits." -- *Hmm. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl? Hmm. The Shoveler is already married, and Mr. Furious has a civilian girlfriend, but maybe Jeffrey the Blue Rajah and Carol the Bowler?
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