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And of course, if it's designed right (and the Progressive model cited above looks like something Graham Kerr himself might have designed), you can also use it to crush up to 4 cloves of garlic at once.
"Until you get it right?" I'm probably not completely alone here in saying that you're already making cakes way above my pay grade!
Well, I've never leveled one in my life.My proposed MacArthur Park cake would be a square layer cake with naked sides and a green drizzle-glaze (you know, "MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark, all the sweet green icing's running down").
 I wasn't going to be the first to bring that subject up, but since I didn't: I rather enjoyed watching the first few minutes of my own on the monitor. Until the sedative kicked in, and I passed out. I understand that a British hospital has developed a procedure for doing it with the patient conscious and lucid throughout; count me in, if and when that procedure makes it to my side of the pond.
THAT is your FIRST cake? As in you'd never baked a simple round layer cake? A simple single-layer sheet cake, served family-style, in-pan? A simple Bundt pound cake?
On the other hand, if you want them to look more rustic, then leave them domed, so long as they don't have some huge, cracked, peak!
Excuse me, but I happen to have a friend who's a physician. A male multi-specialist whose specialties include family practice, addictions, and . . . gynecology. He gave up obstetrics some years ago, but kept the gynecology specialty.   Why does anybody get into medicine at all, let alone any given specialty? Probably out of a calling to heal people.
Oh. I get it.   Seems to me that the thing to do would be to construct a cradle for it, in the box, that would keep it from moving.
Why not package it separately, to be put in place when the cake is unpacked and set up?
Of course, the downside of decorating kits (or any other kind of starter kits) is that they are sort of like package-tour (or cruise, or all-inclusive resort) vacations: they're somebody else's idea of what you want or need.   Which is not to say that this necessarily makes getting one a bad idea; it just means that you need to pay attention to what you're getting, and if it looks like you're going to end up having too much stuff you don't need, and missing too much...
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