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Just keep in mind that while I have an author's knowledge of intellectual property law, I am not an attorney, and neither do I play one on television.
To "DeniseNH": There's a fundamental difference between the three forms of intellectual property. That's why there are three distinct kinds of intellectual property.   A patent protects an idea. It allows the originator of the idea the exclusive (but assignable) right to profit from the idea. That's why it's so difficult to get (you have to prove that the idea is novel, non-trivial, non-obvious, and useful), and why it lasts for such a limited time.   A copyright...
Speaking for myself, I just have a couple of Wilton tips. If and when I need to do something not easily done with those tips, I'll get whatever I need.
Maybe they've gone up because manufacturers are finally abandoning the "razor-and-blades" business model (in which they sell printers at a loss, in order to sell ink at a high markup)?
Dunno what blue velvet cake is, but I have a pretty good guess about the aftereffects, when it comes out the other end of you.
In my strawberry marble cake, and in the base-coat and decorating frostings I came up with for it, I use lots of seedless strawberry jam, and only a little bit of the McCormick red from the grocer. The strawberry shapes piped on the cake are a bit light, but they're recognizable.   The brown lettering on my Leland Awards cakes was mainly colored by adding cinnamon, ground clove, and maybe a bit of ginger, along with a few drops of McCormick red, yellow, and green, to the...
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but edible printing would be my choice not only for the photos, but for the luggage label and the school badge. I should think that knitting and a garden would be relatively easy to sculpt with a piping bag. "51" is easy, at least for anybody who grew up on the Emergency! TV series (and I'd be happy to share the image files I used for mine). "78" is easy: a phonograph record (slightly different phonograph records would also work for "33"...
The same could be said for my own profession (software).
"gscout73," I think by admitting that you'd had some formal legal training, you've just volunteered to contact the Scripps TV legal department.
"CONFECTIONERIE": The lemons on top look so real. Are they real lemons, or are they Realemons?* "Nancylee61": I actually like yours better than the inspiration. "Faradaye": Cute caterpillar. Awfully fancy for a 4-year-old, though. -- *Realemon was a brand of lemon juice that came in a yellow, lemon-shaped, squeeze-bottle.
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