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I'm not sure, but I think they're Royal.
To my eye, they look at least one size bigger than the Wilton 8-to-a-package ones. Which squares with what "AZCouture" said.
Thanks, "cazza1"; I'd rather have frosting that's off-white from using real vanilla (and real butter), than frosting that's stark white and tastes fake.
Harrumph.   Clear "vanilla" is a weird enough concept to begin with. Clear "vanilla" that's no longer clear . . . .   Harrumph.  
Maybe. Someday. When I have the time to learn how to pipe my own. And how to then transfer them to the cake intact (given that I'd be working in BC, I'm guessing I'd have to freeze them).   So far, though, except for a piped OUTLINE of a rose on a Mother's Day cake in 2012, and edible PHOTOGRAPHS of roses on my mother's 2013 birthday cake (and a "leftover" on my parents' anniversary cake later that year), my roses have come in a little plastic tray, in a little cardboard...
I have "embellished" precisely nothing. (I find myself thinking of that scene in Men in Black, when Agent K tells rookie Agent J, "Cool, whatever you say, slick, but I need to tell you something about all your skills. As of right now, they mean precisely... .) At any rate, my comments on this thread, both on the cake itself and in rebuttal to "snarkybaker," reflect my honest and unvarnished opinions of the cake, at least so far as I can form opinions based on...
Actually, it's not entirely clear whether the cake is leaning to the left, or whether the picture just makes it look that way. The airbrush effect looks quite striking, actually, and while it's hardly perfect, I believe "K8memphis" commented favorable about it. The tiers may not be the same height, but they do look like the differences in height were intentional, in a way that makes sense for this cake.   As to the BC being less than perfectly smooth, well, that's true,...
 So would I, if I made my living running a bakery, rather than sitting in front of a terminal banging out code. (And if you'll excuse me, I expect that the terminal I've been waiting for has probably come up by now, and I have some code to bang out.)
Well, it certainly does not look like some canned design out of a catalog. But I'd hardly call that a bad thing. If you find something "unprofessional" about a cake's appearance, you might consider offering some specifics. Along with suggestions of how it could be improved.
Ah. Thanks. I'm afraid soccer isn't something I follow. These days, I don't follow baseball or figure skating much, either. But knowing what it is, I can definitely see that it has great fidelity to the original.
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